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The Tours

The Bristol Ghost Tour is a mixture of fun, darkness, theatrics, story telling, and yes, a little bit of participation from the lucky crowd.  Having run successful ghost tours for many years already in Bath, we have borrowed the elements that have proven to be most popular over the years and adjusted them for the Bristol tour.  As well as this, with the Bristol Ghost Tour, we have created a quite unique experience, largely due to the depth and richness of the haunted locations in the Old city. 


In 2024, we are running ghost tours in Bristol on Weds, Thurs, Fri, Saturday and Sunday nights, from 1st March until the 30th December.  All tours start at 7.30pm from outside the Bristol Cathedral on College Green.  Private Ghost tours are available upon request, subject to availability, please contact us directly for more details.


What will you see & hear?

On the Bristol Ghost Tour, you will discover up to 17, yes 17  different haunted locations.  Some of the sites have changed dramatically over the centuries, whilst some have remained in almost original condition, but they are all haunted.  Along the way you will hear tales of the ghosts of pirates, murders in the dark, public executions, witch trials, hidden treasures, vengeful monks & bloody massacres.  You will also discover some of the haunted secrets of Bristol and will never look at a shopping centre in quite the same relaxed way ever again! 


Where will you go?

We begin our tours from the Bristol Cathedral, and then weave our trail of despair through the streets of Old Bristol Town, ending up in Queens Square.  Along the way, we will hunting through College green, over to Frogmore St, then up Colston St, down Christmas Steps (of course it's haunted!), then along Rupert St,  across and up into Broad St and into the St Nicholas Markets area.  After that we hunt over to the Bristol Bridge, and then drag you all into the King St area which is very rich with the dead, finally ending in the surprisingly tainted location of Queens Square.  

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