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The Guides

Who We Are


Dr Lynch

Head Guide and Retired Hangman

The good Dr Lynch was indeed a celebrated surgeon in his day, on the cutting edge you might say.  With a reputation for the use of innovative techniques and a flair for the dramatic, this notable doctor came undone when it was discovered that the vast majority of his patients had died in very curious circumstances.  However he soon put his nimble fingers to use by becoming a celebrated executioner. for the city!  Today, sadly he is reduced to earning his gin money by tormenting the general public on these tours. 


Mrs Needles

Guide, Poisoner and possible Witch

Mrs Needles, a Strange Apparition of dusty feathers and gaudy apparel, has been Haunting the Streets of Bristol & Bath for what it seems to be minutes/decades/centuries. Often rumoured to be a Witch!, or part Bat, by small Urchin children, accusatory Dogs and Respectable Gentlemen, she also has Aquired the nefarious title of a Poisoner. Do Not Accept gifts or victuals from this Creature of The Night!

She is Well Aquainted with The Dead and invites you to follow her and be Formally Introduced. AT YOUR PERIL!


Mrs Cruncher

Guide, Body snatcher and disturber of the dead.

Mrs Cruncher used to be a respectable lady.  Her husband, Mr Cruncher being quite the celebrity supplier of cadavers to a most discerning clientele.  Alas Mr Cruncher met his untimely end, and someone had to continue the family business.  Don't be fooled by those delicate hands, she can crack open a coffin or crack a neck should the merchandise be in an in-between state.  Join her on one of our tours by all means, but if she enquires after your health, don't say a word! 

Brother Fergus

Guide, disgraced monk, deceased.

Ah yes, dear Brother Fergus, our oldest serving guide and indeed disgraced.  Formerly a member of the Benedictine order that lived in the Abbey and lived very well, too well perhaps.  There were rumours, there were accusations, too many and lurid to be repeated here.  He died in penury, a miserable wretch, and his shade wanders the Abbey grounds to this day.  If you are unfortunate to have dear Brother Fergus as your guide, well you must have done something terribly wrong!

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