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The Guides

Who We Are


Dr Lynch

Head Guide and Retired Hangman

The good Dr Lynch was indeed a celebrated surgeon in his day, on the cutting edge you might say.  With a reputation for the use of innovative techniques and a flair for the dramatic, this notable doctor came undone when it was discovered that the vast majority of his patients had died in very curious circumstances.  However he soon put his nimble fingers to use by becoming a celebrated executioner. for the city!  Today, sadly he is reduced to earning his gin money by tormenting the general public on these tours. 


Mrs Needles

Guide, Poisoner and possible Witch

Mrs Needles, a Strange Apparition of dusty feathers and gaudy apparel, has been Haunting the Streets of Bristol & Bath for what it seems to be minutes/decades/centuries. Often rumoured to be a Witch!, or part Bat, by small Urchin children, accusatory Dogs and Respectable Gentlemen, she also has Aquired the nefarious title of a Poisoner. Do Not Accept gifts or victuals from this Creature of The Night!

She is Well Aquainted with The Dead and invites you to follow her and be Formally Introduced. AT YOUR PERIL!

Jim Reaper 1_edited_edited.jpg

Jim Reaper

Guide, Funeral Director to the wealthy & Murderer.

Mr Jim Reaper.  Once a most respected professional man and a partner in the famous funeral director's firm Grimm, Scratch and Reaper.  Sadly, it came to light that Mr Reaper was just a little too keen to increase trade for the firm.  Apparently, some of the customers were still breathing upon interment!  Still, they never complained afterwards, and rumour has it, that Mr Reaper is still quite active in the trade.

jimmy 3_edited.jpg

Jimmy the Shrike

Guide, Conman, Thief and heartless murderer.

Jimmy the Shrike.  Formerly known as the Cuckoo in underworld circles, this heartless young man preys upon the wealthy and grieving.  His speciality, is to scour the papers for notices from grieving families of the disappearance of their sons and heirs.  He appears upon their fine doorsteps, pretending to be miraculously the  prodigal son returned.  He worms his way into their homes, hearts and eventually bank accounts.  His last victims, famously threw themselves out of top windows of their fine mansion. The despairing parents intentionally impaled themselves upon the very iron railings, that were originally designed to keep such a nasty fellow as Jimmy the Shrike out!  

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